Elder Care in Holden MA: Should Your Parent Still Have Elder Care When They Live with You?

Elder Care in Holden MA: Should Your Parent Still Have Elder Care When They Live with You?

One of the most difficult and life-changing decisions that you can make in your caregiver journey with your elderly loved one is when you decide that it is time for them to come live with you. You can make this decision for a wide variety of reasons, but when the time comes, it is essential that you think through your decision carefully so that you can be sure that you take all of the necessary steps to make this transition as beneficial for all of you as possible. One of the most important questions that you might have about this change is whether your aging parent should have elder care when they live with you. After all, they will be in your home, around your family, all the time. This might make you think that they might not need care. In many situations, however, having an elder care provider in the home with them even when they live with you can be a highly beneficial decision for them.

Some things to consider when deciding whether your parent should still have elder care when they live with you include:

  • Their needs. Take some time to think about your parent’s needs. Are they extensive enough that they would require additional care, or do you feel that you could handle them completely yourself? If you feel that you could handle them, would it be at the sacrifice of other obligations in your life? Even if you think that you could handle everything that your parent might need, if you feel that you would need to take time and energy away from other things in your life, care might be the ideal solution.
  • Potentially sensitive tasks. If your parent has needs that are potentially sensitive, such as needing help bathing or toileting, even if they live with you your parent might not feel entirely comfortable with receiving this kind of help from you. Having a care provider alleviates this, ensuring that your parent gets the help that they need without compromising their dignity or sense of personal space.
  • Your schedule. Having your elderly parent live with you brings them closer, which helps you to handle care tasks for them more easily. If your schedule is very busy, such as if you are caring for your children and maintaining a career as well, then you may still not be with them as much as they may need. Consider your obligations and the benefits that your parent would get from having further care when determining if they should have an elder care provider while living with you.

Starting elder care for your aging loved one can be one of the best decisions that you can make for them in course of your care journey. Introducing an elderly home care services provider into their care routine is not about taking their independence away from them or even not taking on their care yourself. Instead, the highly personalized care services of such a provider are designed to address your elderly loved one’s individual needs, challenges, and limitations in a way that helps them to manage these issues effectively while also pursuing the highest quality of life possible as they age in place. This can include assisting with activities of daily living, companionship to boost mental and emotional health, and providing safe and reliable transportation to help them do the things that they need and want to do for greater independence in their later years. In your role as their family caregiver, this type of care acts as a support for the care that you give, filling any existing care gaps, ensuring someone is with your parent even when you are not able to be, and easing your stress for an improved relationship and lifestyle for both of you.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering elder care in Holden, MA, please contact the caring staff at Medex Healthcare today. Call 508-826-1641

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