Bathing can become very complicated for your elderly loved one as she ages. Taking advantage of some of these ideas, however, can help your loved one to feel much safer in the bathroom.

Home Care Services Uxbridge MA - What Are the Best Ways to Make Bathing Easier for Your Loved One?

Home Care Services Uxbridge MA – What Are the Best Ways to Make Bathing Easier for Your Loved One?

Start Using Bath and Shower Chairs

Benches and chairs meant to be used in the tub and shower stall keep your loved one from slipping and falling. They also help your loved one to conserve some of her own energy. Because these devices support your loved one, she can relax and focus on what she’s there to do.

Change out the Shower Head

Standard shower heads may not do everything your loved one needs or wants them to do. Having a shower head on a long, flexible hose allows your loved one to shower in a variety of different ways, depending on how she’s feeling.

Use Non-slip Mats Inside and Outside of the Tub

Wet flooring is notoriously easy for anyone to slip on, but it’s especially troublesome for your elderly loved one. Using non-slip mats and rugs in the bathroom helps your loved one to keep her footing. They’re not just for the bathroom floor, however. Use non-slip mats inside the tub or shower stall, too, to give your loved one extra traction.

Improve the Lighting in the Bathroom

If your loved one doesn’t have adequate lighting in the bathroom, it’s much easier for her to overlook an obstacle or misjudge distances. Even if the room seems bright enough to you, it might still be too dim for your loved one. Swap out light bulbs for brighter versions or consider installing new fixtures.

Adjust the Water Temperature

Take a look at your loved one’s temperature settings on her water heater. It’s very possible that you can turn that temperature down a few degrees and still leave your loved one with water that is plenty hot enough for her daily needs. The up side is that she’s less likely to scald herself and she’ll probably see at least a small dip in her electric bill.

If your loved one is still feeling unsafe in the bathroom, consider hiring home care services providers. They can help your loved one bathe safely and regularly.

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